Keeping the Art in Automobiles

Borrani Americas

Hand-Drilled Holes on Borrani Wheels

There is something to be said about a product being made by hand. A certain amount of character and emotion are put into each item that is produced. In a world where everything is becoming much more automated, where can the true art be found that comes from products that are hand made? On the road, just inches above the pavement, this art can be seen in the form of Borrani wire wheels.

Luckily artistic, true skill can be found in the automobile industry. Yes, robots and machines crank out most cars and automobiles that are made today, but many classic older automobiles are re-crafted and fine tuned by hand. Route Borrani Milano still pours the man-hours and effort into every single set of rims that come out of its factory – and has done this for over ninety years.

What does hand made mean exactly? This means that holes are hand-pressed, wire spokes are threaded by hand, and the spokes are tightened by hand with a wrench. I realize this sounds basic and lame, but in today’s society and norms, “handmade” doesn’t necessarily mean, “made with hands.” I believe there is something about art that is valuable and should be preserved. Borrani wire wheels keep the art on the pavement. The glistening wire wheels and spokes of Borrani wheels serve as a reminder to what true art looks like in automobiles. And the beauty is – almost any classic car can be upgraded to these rims!

What do you think? Is there value in having quality parts on your vehicle handmade or do you think the automation of robots and machines are better for the industry?

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