Hot Roddin’ Borrani Wheels!

Typically, Borrani wire wheels were made for high-end Italian racecars such as Ferraris or Maseratis, but Borrani is set to bring new flare to an old custom. Hot rods have long been an extremely popular method for car enthusiasts to show off their work, perfect their craft, and express their style.  For decades, gearheads and artists have shown off their work with hot rods and many times strive to create something entirely unique and expressive of their own personality. Borrani wire wheels are ready to take hot rods to the next level.

Eric Clapton's Borrani Hot Rod

Eric Clapton's 1932 four-door Ford Victoria is the perfect example of a new wave of hot rod wheels

The sparkling spokes, unique knock-offs, and history of excellence make a huge impression when a car is first seen entering a scene. This is the perfect marriage of class and uniqueness for the hot rod industry. The Rodder’s Journal recently featured Eric Clapton’s 1932 Ford Victoria dressed in shiny new Borrani wheels.  Cars like this set the stage for many hot rods to come.

Borranis are going to be shown off on some beauties at the Lonestar Round Up in Austin, Texas in April.  We’re excited to show how they can bring hot rods to the next level and excited to turn some heads when the cars are driven on to the lot.  What do you think? Do you think these rims are a perfect match for the hot rod industry?


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