Borrani Americas at MINIs On The Dragon!

Wow, from hot rods to MINIs! We go from the Lone Star Roundup, showcasing Borrani rims on some truly unique pieces of art, to a very different atmosphere surrounding the MINI.  Borrani makes wire rims for even the newest of MINIs in the form of the S-Ray.

This week we are privileged to be showing off some Borrani S-Ray rims at MINIs On The Dragon in the breathtaking mountains of North Carolina.  This year they are expecting almost 730 MINIs to show up and wind through the roads of North Carolina.  Towards the end of the week and going into next week we will be able to bring you recaps and footage, so stay tuned!

Borrani Americas

Many MINIs like this one will be seen in North Carolina this weekend at MINIs On The Dragon. This one is sporting Borrani S-Ray rims!


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