First Report from MINIs On The Dragon

Fontana, NC – is a remote hamlet nestled deep in the western North Carolina Mountains near the Tennessee state line. A pristine and secluded place, its natural beauty is preserved by the rugged wilderness of the terrain. The mountainous topography features majestic peaks, deep valleys and beautiful Fontana Lake; perhaps the most placid and tranquil body of water in the eastern United States. There is abundant natural wildlife, fish and game of all sorts; even the black bears call this place home. Yet they share the area with the children and grandchildren of America’s greatest generation, those who built America after the depression of the 1930’s. Old timers around here are quick to recall the historic national importance of this area. Fontana and the cluster of cabins at Fontana Village played an essential role in winning World War II, since this is the site of the enormous Fontana Dam and hydroelectric generator plant. This is where the power came that made the development of the first atomic bomb possible. Thousands of people once lived and worked here to build one of the America’s greatest arsenals of wartime structures- The mighty Fontana Dam.

Tremendous power was needed for the top secret atomic research center in nearby Oak Ridge Tennessee. The work site was of the highest government priority; the labor went on continuously 7 days a week. Fontana Village was dotted with small cabins, the seldom place of rest of the jobsite workers. Teams of skilled engineers carved an access road out of the deep forest in order to bring supplies and equipment into the area. The road had to be perfectly banked to allow heavy equipment to pass through the rugged mountains. It was a diabolically twisted and paved path that weaved its way to the Fontana Dam worksite. They eventually called it Route 129, the road we all came to know as “the Dragon!”

Borrani Americas

An overview shot makes it easy to see how fun this road is to drive!

The Mini Cooper is a landmark vehicle that traces its heritage all the back to 1959. Generations of car enthusiasts have enjoyed the Mini for its design and packaging genius, incredible handling and magnetically attractive personality. Mini owners define exactly what it is to be a real car enthusiast. Their Mini’s can do anything and be anything, mirroring the unique personalities of their owners. Mini owners have carved a path that others can only follow, just like the road to Fontana.

2012 marks a decade of Mini Cooper reunions at Fontana Village and the tenth anniversary show has a record number of Minis in attendance. Nearly 750 Minis are registered along with over 1300 guests. They are here to meet friends old and new, show their cars, but best of all, tame The Dragon of 321 turns in 11 miles that awaits in the surrounding hills. Borrani Americas is proud to support and display our incredible S-Ray rims to the dragon slayers.

Borrani Americas

Borrani Americas brought wire wheels to the MINI enthusiasts at MINIs On The Dragon

Borrani S-Ray Wire Wheel

One of the S-Ray wire wheels on display at MINIs On The Dragon

Borrani Americas

An S-Ray wire wheel on display for Mini enthusiasts at MINIs On The Dragon

Borrani Americas

One of the over-700 registered MINIs at MINIs On The Dragon can be seen here wearing Borrani wire wheels

Blog Post Written By John Montgomery from Borrani Americas


4 responses to “First Report from MINIs On The Dragon

  1. Can’t help but wonder if Luther’s adorable MINI placed because of those sharp Borrani wheels! Sweet! They give the car an entirely new look…classy! I like it!

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