What Makes Borrani Wheels So Special?

Borrani Wire Wheels

A blueprint of a classic Borrani wire wheel

With a heritage and history dating back to 1922, Ruote Borrani is the famous manufacturer of the “True Tangential” wire wheel. With their unique patterns Borrani wheels can withstand the rigors of racing and everyday use without needing to be trued.

The crisscross patterns of the spokes are not only for beauty but for functionality. Unlike other spoked wheels on the market and throughout history, Borrani’s famous pattern was designed for racing and thus designed to last. The precise angle of each spoke is designed to absorb a specific amount of pressure and side forces from both the car and road. Because they are angled and tangential the vertical and side pressures are lessened by the time the impact reaches the end of the spoke which in turn dissipates it like a shock absorber. Therefore the pressure taken is displaced among the spokes and keeps them from become loose over time. Elasticity is its best feature along with the light rotating mass, thanks to the light-alloy rim.

Enzo Ferrari knew the importance of a well built and engineered wheel. After winning the Coppa Acerbo race in Pescara in 1924 with a set of Borrani’s, Enzo decided to secure Borrani as the official supplier for all the cars in his race team. Since then the Wheels of Victory have won eight Formula 1 World Championships and 7,482 car races worldwide.

Borrani wire wheels are still made by skilled artisans who have undergone special training that allows them to assemble each rim by hand. Each Borrani wheel is documented and signed off by the originator in a ledger. A process that has been performed since 1922.

Borrani’s are “Wired In True Passion”

Borrani Wire Wheels

The crisscross patterns of the spokes are not only for beauty but for functionality.


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