Ferrari and Borrani, a Winning Combination

This post was submitted by Veloce Today and written by Pete Vack. Veloce Today is an online magazine for FRENCH & ITALIAN classic car enthusiasts! You can check their magazine out at

For over fifty years the cars Enzo Ferrari drove, prepared and later constructed were equipped with the beautiful, functional and strong wire wheels made by Carlo Borrani’s company in Milan. From Grand Prix cars to Le Mans endurance racers to cars for kings, Borrani wheels were a highly visible part of the overall design. Wheels are one of the rare components of a car that must be constructed with beauty, function, safety and performance; Borrani did it best.

Ferrari was a faithful Borrani customer; according to Borrani the alliance began in 1924 when Enzo Ferrari won the Acerbo Cup in Pescara with an Alfa Romeo RL TF equipped with Rudge-Whitworth Milano wheels. Although Ferrrari began racing in 1918, Borrani, founded in only 1922, was probably not the wheel of choice for Alfa Romeo until 1924.

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Borrani Wire Wheels - Borrani Americas

Borrani and Ferrari – a winning combination!


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