Borrani Motorcycle Rims Are Here!

Borrani Americas is excited to announce the re-introduction of motorcycle wheels to the market.

Ruote Borrani Factory – Milan, Italy


April 12, 1922 is a historic date for the motorcycle industry. On this date Carlo Borrani brought the Rudge-Witworth International Patent to the historic site at Ugo Bassi Street in Milan to begin production of their aluminum motorcycle rims. Over the next fifty years these Borrani wire wheels equipped the most prestigious road and racing motorcycles worldwide.

With the “H profile”, better known as the Serie Record/14, Borrani set new standards for the motorcycle road and racing industry. This new product introduced to the market provided unrivaled strength, lightness and precision. The quality of Borrani’s aluminum wire wheels are a result of their attention to the most intricate details. This is seen in Borrani’s choice of the light-alloy aluminum used, the precision welding, drilling tailored to the types of wheel hubs and the hand finishing of every rim. For many years these details are what made Borrani wire wheels the unavoidable choice of factories of the most prestigious models of road and racing motorcycles.

Borrani’s history and success can be traced back to the world’s most notorious racers including the invincible Moto Guzzi of Stanley Woods and Omobono Tenni (the first non-English winner at the 1937 Tourist Trophy), the mighty Gilera of Libero Liberati and Bob Mc Intyre (undisputed rulers of the 1957 500cc class World Championship), the thirty-seven World Championships won by MV Agusta with Giacomo Agostini and other unforgettable champions.

From Moto Morini Settebello to the Aermacchi Ala d’Oro, from Ducati 750SS to Laverda 750SFC, from Moto Guzzi Falcone Sport to the Gilera Saturno Piuma.

What would all these motorcycles have been without a pair of Borrani Record rims?

Borrani motorcycle wheels are supplied dimpled or drilled with three standard types of drilling.

Drilling of a Borrani Motorcycle Hoop

•  Disc brake hubs or little drum brake hubs up to a race dia. of 100mm

•  Medium drum brake hubs up to a race dia. of 180mm

•  Big drum brake hubs up to a race dia. of 230mm

One of the distinctive elements of a Borrani Record light alloy rim is the stamping which is imprinted by hand and includes the rim specifications.

Note: Historic stamping is available for new rims produced through our custom department. This is an important feature for concours events.

Visit our website for motorcycle wheel specs and pricing.

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Ruote Borrani Merchandise

Borrani Americas now has available exclusive Ruote Borrani merchandise. We want to thank those of you who offered your opinions at events and through our Borrani Facebook page. It’s because of you that we now have a variety of items to offer.

Borrani Wire Wheel cleaning products

Maintaining your Borrani Wire Wheels doesn’t have to be a chore. Use the products the experts use in their shops and for concours events.

All too often the first thing we hear from people is how beautiful Borrani wire wheels are but how difficult they must be to clean.  We’ve been at this for such a long time that we sometimes forget many of you are just beginning to learn how to take care of your famed wire wheels. Let us save you some time and frustration. For 90 years Borrani has been building and cleaning wire wheels and now has available to you the same wash and wax formula used by Borrani Americas and by top restoration shops across the nation.

To really see a difference in your wire wheels we recommend both a wash and wax solution. The wash, Reveal,  is a specialized formula that lifts dirt and sheets it away but is still gentle enough to use on both classic and new Borrani Wheels. Borrani’s Reveal wheel wash also lessons the likelihood of water spots. To help in the cleaning process we tested a number of brushes and have made available our top recommendation. This brush reaches in between spokes to easily remove dirt and has a vinyl-coated wire stem to reach hard places and protect the wheel from scratches. To protect the integrity and beauty of your Borrani rim we also recommend a wax solution…Radiance. This formula will help prevent brake dust adhesion and pitting. This specially designed formula protects the metal to help keep your wire wheels cleaner, longer.

Borrani Logo Jacket

Borrani Jacket for Women

The famed red hand can also be found on clothing, mugs and hammers. Whether you want to clean and protect your rims, buy a knock-off as a paperweight or proudly wear the Borrani name we can help.

Again thank you for your input and if you have any additional ideas please contact us.



Video Recap of Borrani Americas at the Lonestar Roundup Garage Crawl

What’s a better way to see a recap of a great event than with video. Here you can see true pieces of art in the form of automobiles from the Lonestar Roundup Garage Crawl. Borrani Americas and A&M Garage (Borrani Americas’ Austin, TX Dealer) were able to spend some time with none other than hot rod greats, Mercury Charlie and Gene Winfield. Enjoy the video!

Borrani Americas at MINIs On The Dragon!

Wow, from hot rods to MINIs! We go from the Lone Star Roundup, showcasing Borrani rims on some truly unique pieces of art, to a very different atmosphere surrounding the MINI.  Borrani makes wire rims for even the newest of MINIs in the form of the S-Ray.

This week we are privileged to be showing off some Borrani S-Ray rims at MINIs On The Dragon in the breathtaking mountains of North Carolina.  This year they are expecting almost 730 MINIs to show up and wind through the roads of North Carolina.  Towards the end of the week and going into next week we will be able to bring you recaps and footage, so stay tuned!

Borrani Americas

Many MINIs like this one will be seen in North Carolina this weekend at MINIs On The Dragon. This one is sporting Borrani S-Ray rims!

The Building of a Brand – Evolution of the Borrani Red Hand

Borrani Americas

Here we can see the newest version of the Borrani logo on their newest set of X-Ray rims

As rumor would have it…the origins of the famous Borrani red hand is Irish Gaelic and initially brought over when Carlo Borrani purchased the patent from Rudge Whitworth in Coventry. The Rudge Whitworth system on center-locking was already established in the car business, so Borrani decided to keep the same logo only changing the name on the bottom. What does it stand for? Is it to remind people that Borrani rims are hand-made? Does it represent the 5 points of pride for Borrani (Passion, Prestige, Prestige, Competence, Reliability and Distinction)? No in fact the logo was incorporated by Daniel Rudge – it is the Red Hand of Ulster.

The Red Hand of Ulster was a mythic symbol used in the north side if Ireland where Whitworth came from. He used this from the time he built bicycles in the late 1800’s adding the spoke background later. The legend of the red hand comes from Pagan times. The story is about a mythical Viking king who made his two sons compete against one another for his kingdom. The king declared a boat race should take place and whoever’s hand is the first to touch the shore of Ulster shall be made king. One of the brothers, who was losing the race, decided to cut off his right hand and throw it on shore – thus making himself king.

Borrani Americas

Automotive History - The Evolution of the Borrani Red Hand

Authentic Design, Original Craftsmanship… ALL Important

When replacing an authentic part on a priceless, timeless automobile, how far would you go to ensure the part is absolutely authentic?  This question couldn’t be more pertinent than when talking about the restoration of a classic automobile.  What if you were to restore your prized car only to find out that the restored part you put on it wasn’t the same as the original. Heartbreak.

Route Borrani Milano in Italy still houses all of the original designs, as they were drawn for specific cars through the decades of production.  What does this mean for you? This means that when you get a set of Borrani rims made (by hand), they will be manufactured exactly to the same specifications that they were when they were originally produced for your car.  How much more authentic can you get? View our video here to see what we mean. (Video courtesy of our dealers A&M Garage in Texas)

The Route Borrani Milano factory in Italy is still incredibly rich with history and loaded with authentic pride. When you pour your entire heart and soul into a vehicle, the last thing you want to do is skimp out on the details.  Rest assured that the details are taken care of with your wheels.

Authenticity Matters When Restoring a Priceless Car


A Little Bit About Us – Borrani Americas

Classic Borrani Rims on Ferrari Lusso

What are Borrani Rims?  For those new to the automotive-enthusiast-world, Borrani Rims have a long history with the highest quality car manufacturers in the world by supplying an extremely high quality handmade wire rim that adds style, decreases weight, and increases value to a car.  Even still to this day, Borrani wire wheels are made by hand to suite cars made by Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Fiat, and many others (both new and old).

Established in 2010, Borrani Americas partnered with Ruote Borrani Milano to be the exclusive importer and restorer of Borrani rims in North, Central and South America. Headquartered in Neenah, WI Borrani America’s has a long history with Italy and the use of their quality products.

The partnership between Ruote Borrani Milano and Borrani Americas dates back to the 1970s through our parent company Motion Products, Inc. (MPI).  Over the years, MPI became the largest importer and restorer of Borrani rims in the United States. Their reputation as the premier classic and contemporary restoration shop in the nation has awarded them world-wide recognition for their work on Ferrari’s and other exotic and luxury cars. MPI has traveled throughout the United States and overseas showcasing their work and to their credit they have been able to include 100-point class winners in the Ferrari category at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, top honors at the Italian Villa c’Este Concours d’Eleganza and have become the largest supplier of show cars at the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic. MPI’s work has also been featured in such publications as Vintage Motorsports, Cavallino and Froilan (Argentina).

In 2009, Ruote Borrani Milano met with MPI’s owner and operations manager to talk about a partnership to establish a home base for Borrani rims in the Americas. With the deep-rooted history between these two organizations it was decided to establish Borrani Americas.  With a foothold in the Americas through their classic line of rims, Ruote Borrani Milano felt Borrani Americas would be the ideal partner to help release their new modern rims into this market. And thus began the history of Borrani Americas.